OperaMiniLargeDevice - Bring Opera Mini to the Big Screen


Download OperaMiniLargeDevice for Java ME Platform SDK 3.0

Opera Mini is a mobile browser was originally based on Java ME (J2ME). It is now also available for the iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and numerous other mobile platforms. It offers a fast browsing experience due to advanced content compression techniques. Since version 4 it has built in fullscreen support, which creates the opportunity to not only let Opera Mini run on mobile devices, but also on the PC as a very capable browser. Therefore OperaMiniLargeDevice (OMLD) has been developed. It is an emulator template for the Sun Java ME Platform SDK 3.0 and offers a large emulator window on the PC. So in combination with the Java ME Platform SDK 3.0 and OMLD it is possible to let Opera Mini run as a full-scale web browser on the PC and get benefit from its fast rendering capabilities, even if you do not have a fast internet connection.

OperaMiniLargeDevice (OMLD) is now also available for the new Java ME Platform SDK 3.0. This version of OMLD also works with the new Opera Mini 5.

This is a version with 1024x705 usable pixels.
Download 1024x705 pixels version

This is a version with 800x600 usable pixels.
Download 800x600 pixels version

Just follow the steps presented in this blog post in order to get Opera Mini running on OMLD.
Last change: 09/23/2009